Time is one of the precious commodities we possess. We can’t speed it up or slow it down or even buy more of it, so we may as well try to manage it. Time management is the art of paying attention to how your time is spent with a personal goal of becoming more efficient and productive. Here are some tips to make time work for you:

• Plan your day. The less you plan, the less productive you will probably be. Consider the good old fashioned to do list to help you manage your day, week, month or year.

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• Prioritize and Re-prioritize Regularly. Being busy is not the same as being productive and we must be aware of the difference.

• Add The Word “No” To Your Vocabulary. Use it as a reflection of love of self, not of someone else. Drop the guilt when you do use it.

• Do The Job Right The First Time. Sloppy, incomplete work will eventually cost lots of time to set it right.

• Strive For Quality Work – Not Perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist so time spent seeking it is wasted.

• Bite Size Big Tasks. Make big tasks less formidable by breaking it into smaller parts. Complete one part at a time.

• Delegate. Share with others if you can.

Time keeps on ticking and is something I’m writing about because it is a personal, pressing issue for me. Time is precious and I’m trying to get as much out of it as I can. May you do the same. I surrender to the need for time management in my life and will now be doing a blog once a month and a quiz for the email once a month until the demands on my time shift again.


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