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Reverend Reckel Ferguson

Reverend Reckel, the powerhouse behind Modern Zen, is an instrument of the Divine and a Seeker of Truth who   walks between the worlds of the physical and the spiritual as a healer, full-trance channeler, palmist, medium, meditation artist, regression specialist and Reiki Master.  She has been studying metaphysics for over 20 years, including such fields as Yoga, QiGong, Shamanism, Ascension, Breath Work and Higher Consciousness Training. The foundation for her  spiritual work began by studying the Ancient Wisdom teachings at the Indiana Association of Spiritualists Camp in Chesterfield, Indiana.

Reverend Reckel has many spiritual gifts to offer the world as both a teacher and healer.  She is unique in her ability to channel any Spirit Guide or Angel -- even your "inner band" Guides!  Presently, Reverend Reckel is channeling a group of eight Spiritual Beings who have identified themselves to her only as ?The Gatherers?. They are healers who plan to help many of us transcend the 2012 energy we are experiencing and to acclimate to the new energy arriving on planet Earth. Reckel has recently begun to channel ?The Gatherers? on her Friday Spiritual Moments show on BlogTalkRadio and the focus of the program seems to ever be moving in the direction of healing, more specifically miracle healings. With all the negativity in the world presently, we need this balance of the Light to enter our consciousness. She is not only an instrument of the Divine, she is the vessel through which unspeakable miracles  will again take place on planet earth. She is a miracle worker, a Disciple, sent  to raise our vibrations one miracle at a time. Miracles will undoutedly raise the level of Light or spiritual consciousnes exponentially! Reckel's mantra is, "I Believe in Miracles." Do you?

Many people may remember Reckel as the proprietor of Kenley Metaphysical Center. Credentials speak of great talents and blessings, but to be in her presence or to listen to her channel is to feel the energy of the Divine. Experience is the greatest teacher ? experience the energy of Reverend Reckel and move closer to those Beings of Light who surround you in Spirit. Join Reckel and the Gatherers now.  To set an appointment or for more information call Modern Zen at 954-625-6775.

Reverend Reckel as Healer

Reverend Reckel Ferguson is a Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual healer who has been doing healing work for over twenty years. In addition to Reiki healings, Reverend Reckel does Soul Ascenion Healings, Channeled Healings with an Ascended Master, Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing. As a powerful healer, she can feel every aspect of your energy for negativity and blockages, successfully clear them, and make a difference in your life. Please call for an appointment at 954-625-6775. As a Reiki Master Teacher  she offers you so much more than attendance at a class. Reverend Reckel offers you the opportunity to change your life by becoming a Reiki Practitioner.
Reiki healing is a belief in something greater than yourself and it matters not what name you assign to this greater force. You may call it God, Universal energy, Source or Divine energy. Whatever name you are comfortable with, you can learn to tap into this energy grid and use it for the benefit of every life form on this planet. Reiki is a commitment to a higher calling of light and love, where you become an active participant in creating that light and love.
Cord Cutting

Cords are energetic attachments of energy that prevent you from living your life to the fullest. These energetic cords come from anyone you have shared space with in your daily life but are usually attributed to relationships with people close to you such as a spouse, family member, friend, co-worker or acquaintance. It matters not whether the relationship was deemed by you as healthy or unhealthy because, while you may not remember the emotions, your energy system does. Cumulative energy attachments slow down your life force energy and prevent  you from being free to be who you truly  are.
If you are "corded" with someone else in an unhealthy way, these negative bonds are extremely strong with the strength to impact every aspect of your life. You can literally be influenced or controlled by the person you are bonded to. Some signs to look for are: depression, feeling stuck in love, difficulties getting someone out of your mind, having strange thoughts that you are being manipulated, low energy, a feeling of being drained of your energy or feeling bad for someone else even when you know it is time to let go and live the life you desire.

Questions You Might Have About Cord Cutting:
•    What are the benefits?
Cord cutting is quite freeing to the recipient. It allows you to release pent up anger, sadness or any other strong emotion. At the end of your healing session you will feel lighter and more at peace.
•    Once  created how long do cords last?
Usually, a cord of attachment will be part of your aura for the rest of your life unless you make a conscious effort to release it.
•    How long does a cord cutting session last?
About one hour. The session is not uncomfortable or painful and can be conducted by phone or in person.
•    Does death cut the cord attachment?
No. Energy is forever and crosses all time/space boundaries. An attachment may actually be stronger in death than in life.

As you can see, it is important to remove energetic  cords for your optimal emotional, spiritual and physical well being. If you choose to be free, and feel you would benefit by a cord cutting session, please call Reverend Reckel Ferguson at 954-625-6775.

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